Privacy Policy

Updated: June 4, 2017

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Data Collection

Any action we take as CakeCodes, Inc. will be first to provide the best service we can when using any of our products or services. While using any products, services or visit any of our websites, owned and operated by CakeCodes, Inc, we may collect some or all of the following data, in order to provide you with our service or to improve our products:

  • Cookies (when you log in or sign up on any of our websites, or our web-based services), the cookies we collect are primarily the cookies our website will generate for you. We do NOT collect cookies that belong to other websites.
  • Device information: We may collect device information when you log in into some of our apps, in order to identify which account is logged in to that particular device. This also helps us to secure your account and to provide the best-in-class security service to our Users.
  • Timestamps: Some of our products and services will keep track of each event occurance. This helps us diagnose any problems so that we can deliver better products and services for you.
  • IP addresses: Like the majority of social websites, some of our apps or websites will record IP addresses, primarily when you sign up or submit a user-generated content. This is primarily to prevent the abuse of our services and to provide protection to our Users.
  • Other information you may provide to us during your experience using any of our products and services may include data such as email addresses, display names, and your user-generated contents.
  • Google Analytics data: As standard among websites, some of our apps, and our websites use Google Analytics for tracking to help us better understand our audiences so that we can provide the best experience possible. To read more about Google Analytics, please read here:

Data Protection

Privacy and security of our Users is very important to us at CakeCodes, Inc. We do NOT share any of your data to other parties, unless required by law, or authorized by you (an example would be e.g. You as the User share your post to other users in any of our social products). Your data will not go anywhere without your consent or a court order.

Privacy Apps

The policy above applies to our apps and website, but does NOT apply to our privacy apps. We value your privacy and your trust in our privacy-related apps. These apps currently includes: UnEXIF Free, and UnEXIF Pro.

The privacy apps named above do NOT collect, transmit, nor store any of your personal information. Furthermore, these apps do NOT employ, contain, or use any kind of analytics such as Google Analytics.

For privacy apps containing advertisement, however, our ad providers may collect and transmit non personally identifiable information in order to fulfill their advertising services. We at CakeCodes, Inc. do not collect, transmit, or store any other data that are not crucial for the apps to work properly.